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The 2012 Taymouth Toerags at Bamburgh Castle golf course - L to R Tristan Blumli, Simon Gray, Bob Hewines, Ian Harbit, Alistair Robinson, Captain Jim McGuinness (hiding?) Maya Robertson, Judy Proudfoot, Peter Preston and Wes McGregor

Peter Preston preparing to battle the elements, while the Captain prepares just to battle!

Captain Jim McGuinness perfecting his technique - but did he read the plaque behind him?

Guidance all golfers should note

Resplendent Alistair Robinson admiring another successful putt

Alistair's putting stroke was so impressive Maya wants to photgraph it

Alistair Robinson and Ian Harbit on the practice putting green - who is taking tips from whom?

Maya relaxing before putting in a winning performace on the Bamburgh Castle course

Tristan Blumli teeing off at Bamburgh Castle golf course

Will Peter ever master those wooden headed clubs?

Bob contemplating the perfect shot

The Captain 'getting in the zone' while Bob's on the tee

Maya Robertson teeing off at Bamburgh Castle golf course

Wes teeing off on the Bamburgh Castle course

Bob Hewines admiring his shot......or is it the view he's admiring!

Simon Gray glad to have reached the green

Bob Hewines taking aim

Captain Jim McGuinness perfectly poised but looking anxiously towards the gorse

Simon Gray admiring his shot with his new driver

Vice-Captain Judy Proudfoot taking the shortest route to Dunstanburgh Castle

Admiring the view - or wondering where the green is?

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