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Team A: L to R Judy Proudfoot, Jim Russell, Susie Lumsden and Kit Strathairn

Team B: L to R Jim McGuinness, Ann Duncan, Tristan Blumli and Bob Hewines

Team C: L to R Alistair Robinson, Roger Wilson, Gillian Wilson and Urs Blumli

Team D: L to R Cath McGregor, Wes McGregor, Janet Blumli and Ian Cowan

Team E: L to R John Cowan, Padraig Cowan, Celine Cowan and Ramsay Fraser

Gillian, Cath and Susie helping with the preparations

Tristan preparing the cheese fondue

Kit preparing the tatties

Under Judy's watchful eyes Jim McGuinness tries to find some improvements on his team's score

Susie, Kit and Judy discuss the finer points of their winning performance

Ramsay is ready for his fondue

Alistair and Gillian tucking into the fondue

John Cowan learning the secrets of success from the winning team of Jim R, Susie, Kit and Judy

Bob doing the honours with wine for Jim M and Ramsay

John cleaning up the fondue pot much to Judy's amusement

Padraig, Celine, Ian and Cath in deep discussion - about fondue or golf?

Ann describing the length of her putt to Ramsay, Jim M, Janet and Bob

Wes recharging his glass while reflecting on what might have been

Roger, Alistair and Urs listen attentively to Tristan describing his ball flight or is it the secret of good fondue?

Captain John Cowan announcing the competition results

Jim Russell describing his team's successful formula for winning the Helvetia Cup

Urs Blumli having presented prizes to the winning team of Jim Russell, Judy Proudfoot, Kit Strathairn and Susie Lumsden

Urs looks on as the ladies of the winning team are surprised to receive another prize of golf balls

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